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Let Stack Overlap manage your web presence and experience the difference. Websites, ecommerce, responsive web design, powerful web hosting, custom web development, and website consulting. This is digital marketing redefined.

Whether you need one website domain name or want to develop an amazing idea from the ground up, we can handle it. Look around our site or contact us today.

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Website Design. Let us handle the hassle.

Stack Overlap is a web design and digital marketing agency serving the Shreveport and Bossier City markets plus others across the country. We prefer the local connection, but also enjoy working remotely when it makes sense for a project.

Already have a website? No problem. We can still host it, manage your content, and provide an expert opinion on when you've outgrown it. All of your content can be transferred even with a complete redesign.

We handle everything so you can stay focused on your business or message. But it doesn't end there. We love to fix problems and do it with code. We don't just create websites. We create solutions that make your life easier.

We've all seen the commercials for DIY solutions that promise amazing results with no effort or experience. For most business owners, this is very misleading. Consider what happens when the site-in-a-box does not do something you want. Are you stuck or can you edit the code? Do you even have the days to weeks necessary in the first place?

How Does It Work?

You share your idea. We talk and make a proposal. Then we talk about designs and solutions. You provide whatever content you have and we fill in the gaps with elements from our professional team and experience.

We get started.

You get previews of the work during the design phase. Once the implementation begins you get a preview site to watch your idea come to life. You can even contribute if you want to while reviewing the site.

Approval and Publish.

The process goes as fast as you can make time to review and approve our work. Once you give the green light, the website is published instantly.

There's more!

You will be able to manage your website yourself, but you don't have to! We offer management services to keep your site looking as professional as the day it first launched.

Let's Get Started! Get a FREE quote today.

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Get your new domain name at a great price.

Powerful web hosting starting at only $4.99/Month

We have hosting plans to fit almost any need.

Great Specs

Enjoy enterprise class hardware even with our shared hosting plans. Our servers are custom built to our exact specifications.

Fast Response

Performance monitoring and intelligent placement of sites with higher resource usage keeps our network performing optimally.


Our servers receive daily updates and regular monitoring for potential problems. PCI Compliant servers are available.